DNA Clean-up Overview

High-quality, inhibitor-free DNA is a prerequisite for successful PCR, DNA ligation/cloning, sequencing, arrays, etc. The scientists at Zymo Research have developed the most comprehensive technologies for DNA clean-up and concentration from any preparation. Central to these products is the total removal of salts and alcohol from samples through the use of uniquely designed spin columns and plates that ensure complete elution of DNA without binding/wash buffer carryover. Coupled with uniquely formulated buffers, these DNA clean-up technologies assure the purification of high-quality DNA with the complete removal of enzymatic inhibitors.

DNA Clean-up Technologies

DNA Sequencing Clean-up

Rapid removal of post-cycle sequencing reaction contaminants for high-quality sequencing.  (Learn More)

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PCR Inhibitor Removal

Efficient removal of contaminants from impure DNA and RNA preparations that can inhibit downstream enzymatic reactions (e.g. PCR and RT).  (Learn More)

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