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Zymoclean™ Large Fragment DNA Recovery Kit

Quick (15 minute) recovery of large-sized DNA (e.g., genomic, plasmid [BAC/PAC], viral, phage, etc.) from agarose gels.
Unique column design for low volume (≥ 10 μl) elution of ultra-pure, high-yield DNA.
Eluted DNA is well suited for use in endonuclease digestion, sequencing, labeling, PCR, etc.

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About Zymoclean™ Large Fragment DNA Recovery Kit

The Zymoclean™ Large Fragment DNA Recovery Kit provides a streamlined method for the rapid purification and concentration of high-quality large-sized DNA from agarose gels. Simply add the specially formulated Agarose Dissolving Buffer (ADB) to the gel slice containing a DNA sample, let dissolve, and then transfer to the supplied Zymo-Spin™ IC-XL Column. There is no need for organic denaturants or chloroform. Instead, the product utilizes unique spin column technology to yield high-quality, purified DNA in just minutes. DNA purified using the Zymoclean™ Large Fragment DNA Recovery Kit is ideal for PCR, sequencing, endonuclease digestion, ligation, etc. The entire procedure typically takes about 15 minutes.

Format Spin Column
DNA Recovery Typically, up to 10 μg total DNA per column can be eluted into ≥ 10 μl water. For DNA 50 bp to 23 kb the recovery is 70-90%. For DNA ≥ 23 kb, the recovery is 50-70%.
Equipment Microcentrifuge
DNA Size Limits 50 bp to ~200 kb
Sample Sources DNA excised from TAE and TBE-buffered agarose gels.
DNA Purity High-quality, purified DNA is eluted with water making it especially well suited for sequencing and ligation reactions.
Product Detergent Tolerance ≤5% Triton X-100, ≤5% Tween-20, ≤5% Sarkosyl, ≤0.1% SDS

Recovery of large DNA fragments. The Zymoclean™ Large Fragment DNA Recovery Kit was used to recover λ DNA digested with HindIII and separated by agarose gel electrophoresis. Lane C: λ-HindIII digest; lanes 1 & 3: recovered 23 kb λ-HindIII fragments; lanes 2 & 4: recovered 9 kb λ-HindIII fragments. Lane λ: intact λ phage DNA; lanes 5, 6: intact λ ~48 kb bands.

Step 1

Excise the DNA fragment1 from the agarose gel using a razor blade or scalpel and transfer it to a 1.5 ml microcentrifuge tube.

Step 2

Add 3 volumes of ADB to each volume of agarose excised from the gel (e.g. for 100 µl (mg) of agarose gel slice add 300 µl of ADB).

Step 3

Incubate at 37-55 °C for 5-10 minutes until the gel slice is completely dissolved2.

Step 4

Transfer the melted agarose solution to a Zymo-Spin™ Column in a Collection Tube.

Step 5

Centrifuge for 1 minute.  Discard the flow-through3.

Step 6

Add 200 µl of DNA Wash Buffer to the column and centrifuge for 30 seconds.  Discard the flow-through.  Repeat the wash step.

Step 7

Add ≥10 µl DNA Elution Buffer4 or water5 directly to the column matrix and wait for 1 minute. Place column into a 1.5 ml tube and centrifuge for 30 seconds to elute DNA.

Ultra-pure DNA is now ready for use.

For specific notes and additional information, please see the product protocol PDF.
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“I did a direct comparison with the Qiagen kit (which we normally use) on duplicate samples. I found the yields to be the same, but the high concentration from Zymo resulting from the low elution volume was extremely helpful for a downstream ligation. That ligation also showed that the DNA products from both kits performed exactly the same (within the resolution of a standard gel). The elution concentration is probably the best aspect. The reduced number of buffers and steps is also nice, as are the low-bind column containers. I'll probably be using this kit from now on.”
Adam C. (University of Texas, Southwestern)
“I had tried three other kits to do a certain recovery before this, I was getting bad yields, the elution volume required was quite large, the protocols were not as easy to follow and they took longer to complete. I liked everything about this kit, it is simple, efficient and quick. The protocol is easy to follow and the yield was 4-5 times better than what I got from other kits.”
Wendy P. (University of Auckland)
“It's a kit with a faster protocol and [has] a very good efficiency in quantity of DNA recovered. Also have a possibility to elute only in 6 µl of water. “
Joao B, (Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica)
“Protocols are very well written and Instructions easy to follow. Always had good results with your products.”
Simin H. (University of California, Irvine)
“The kit was very easy to follow and yielded good results. It was more affordable than the Qiagen Gel Extraction kits, but worked just as efficiently. Solid product“
Thomas B (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
“The ADB buffer and higher temperature used melted the gel quicker than previously used kits thus making DNA recovery using this kit more efficient and generally quicker than previously used kits.”
Kelly-Anne F.
“The best advantage about this kit is that it is really quick to make it, and the total DNA recuperated have a good quality and it have a good concentration to follow the experiments.”
Ingrid M.
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