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Xpedition™ Lysis/Stabilization Solution

"Take the Lab to the Field" with state-of-the-art DNA extraction/preservation technology.
Non-foaming and ideal for use with mechanical homogenization procedures (e.g., bead beating, dounce, tissue shredding, etc) requiring a lysis solution for tough-to-lyse biological materials.
Stabilizes and preserves DNA in environmental lysates (i.e., soil, fecal, plant and animal tissues) for subsequent storage and transport.

Product Size Catalog # Price Qty
Xpedition™ Lysis/Stabilization Solution 40 ml D6202-1-40

About Xpedition™ Lysis/Stabilization Solution

Degradation and contamination of biological samples have been obstacles to scientific study, and may be particularly problematic in highly sensitive molecular-analysis techniques (e.g., PCR of low copy DNA). Use of cryogenic freezing methods for environmental/forensic sample extraction and preservation may often be too impractical to be employed. Xpedition™ Lysis/Stabilization Solution is used in conjunction with mechanical lysis for efficient extraction/preservation of DNA in sample lysates for long periods of time without the need for refrigeration. When used with Zymo Research's BashingBead™ Lysis Tubes and Xpedition Sample Processor, the researcher/investigator can "Take the Lab to the Field" and to the site of remote sample collection. The solution is compatible for use with many of Zymo Research's existing DNA isolation technologies (see below) and is included with all Xpedition™ DNA MiniPrep Kits (see back page).

Format Non-foaming sample lysis and DNA stabilization/preservation solution.
Compatibility Lysates in Xpedition™ Lysis/Stabilization Solution can be stored/transported prior to their direct input into many of Zymo Research's existing DNA isolation kits.

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