Enzymes Overview

Many applications require the use of specialized enzymes to work and for successful downstream analysis. Zymo Research offers a unique assortment of specialty enzymes for use genetic-, epigenetic-, and expression-based applications. 

Enzymes Technologies

DNA Polymerases

DNA polymerases specifically engineered to amplify GC-rich, epigenetically modified (5-mC and 5-hmC), and bisulfite-converted DNA templates.  (Learn More)

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Zymo Research offers an assortment of nuclease enzymes that enable the analysis of nucleic acid composition and nucleosome-associated DNA. These nucleases also facilitate the generation of randomly sized DNA fragments prior to library prep and NGS.  (Learn More)

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DNA Modifying Enzymes

Zymo Research offers several highly specific and active DNA modifying enzymes for use in epigenetics-based applications.  (Learn More)

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Enzymes to assist with sample preparation (processing) and the purification of DNA.  (Learn More)

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