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dsDNA Shearase™ Plus

The simplest method for generating random-ended dsDNA fragments.
Fragment size is conveniently controlled by adjusting the enzyme concentration.
dsDNA Shearase™ Plus-generated fragments are ideal for library construction, Next-Gen sequencing, and methylated DNA immunoprecipitation (MeDIP).

Product Size Catalog # Price Qty
dsDNA Shearase™ Plus (50 U) 50 Units E2018-50
dsDNA Shearase™ Plus (200 U) 200 Units E2018-200
dsDNA Shearase™ Plus (50 U) w/ DCC™-5 (D4013) 50 Units / 50 Preps. E2019-50
dsDNA Shearase™ Plus (200 U) w/ DCC™-5 (D4014) 200 Units / 200 Preps. E2019-200

About dsDNA Shearase™ Plus

dsDNA Shearase™ Plus is an endonuclease that cleaves phosphodiester bonds in DNA to yield oligonucleotides with 5'-phosphates and 3’-hydroxyl termini. It has a particularly strong preference for dsDNA and generates random-ended DNA fragments of the desired size in a single step. This enzyme is compatible with low volume inputs thus minimizing sample loss.

Unit Definition One unit (U) is defined as the amount of enzyme required to convert 250 ng human DNA into DNA fragments in the range of 100 – 500 bp in 20 minutes at 42°C in a total reaction volume of 10 µl.
Specificity Provided with 5X dsDNA Shearase™ Plus Reaction Buffer
Enzyme Inactivation and DNA Cleanup For enzyme inactivation and DNA purification we recommend the DNA Clean & Concentrator™ kit. Addition of 5 volumes of DNA Binding Buffer from the DNA Clean & Concentrator™ kit to each reaction volume (5:1) inactivates dsDNA Shearase™ Plus. Alternatively, the enzyme can be inactivated by incubating at 65°C for 5 minutes followed by DNA purification by phenol/chloroform extraction.
Enzyme Concentration 1 U/µl
Enzyme Inactivation 65°C for 5 min.
Optimum Reaction Temperature 42°C

Fragmentation of HCT116 Cell DNA Using dsDNA Shearase™ Plus. 250 ng or 500 ng of HCT116 cell gDNA was incubated with 1, 0.5, 0.25, or 0.1 U dsDNA Shearase™ Plus for 20 min at 42°C. The reaction was stopped by incubating at 65°C for 5 min. Fragmented DNA was purified with the DNA Clean & Concentrator™ kit and subsequently resolved in a 1% agarose gel.
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Featured Citations

Mobilizable genomic islands (MGIs) are small genomic islands that depend on integrating conjugative elements for their transfer from host bacteria to other bacteria. Prior to this study, three MGIs had been described in different Vibrio species of bacteria. Researchers in Canada designed an MGI capture system that facilitated the study of MGIs in various species. They used dsDNA Shearase to shear DNA to an average size of ~500 bp and this sheared DNA was used as input for preparing Illumina sequencing libraries to characterize 11 additional putative MGIs in the genomes of various additional bacterial species.
Genomic DNA isolated from T cells of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) patients and healthy controls was fragmented using dsDNA Shearase™ Plus. The fragmented DNA was used for immunoprecipitation of methylated DNA using the Methylated-DNA IP Kit (D5101) to evaluate the methylation patterns of CD70 and ITGAL in SLE patients and healthy controls.
dsDNA Shearase™ Plus was used to shear purified genomic DNA isolated from T cells to ~200 bp and the sheared DNA was used for methylated CpG DNA immunoprecipitation with the Methylated-DNA IP Kit (D5101) to study the DNA methylation status of Notch-1 promoter.

“I believe our whole lab wants to switch to your shearase to put an end to all the sonicating we are currently doing for ChIP, MeDIP, and MeDIP-seq experiments.”
Garrett K (The University of Alabama at Birmingham)
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