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Micrococcal Nuclease

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Micrococcal Nuclease n/a D5220-1

About Micrococcal Nuclease

Micrococcal Nuclease cleaves single stranded and double stranded DNA and RNA. Complete digestion with Micrococcal Nuclease yields mono and oligonucleotides with 3' phosphates.

Format Typical buffer consists of 20mM Tris-HCl, (pH 8.8), 1mM CaCl2. CaCl2 is essential for activity.
Enzyme Commission Number (EC
Unit Definition One unit will produce 1.0 µmole of acid soluble polynucleotides from native DNA per min at pH 8.8 at 37°C, based on EM/260 = 10,000 for the mixed nucleotides.
Enzyme Concentration 0.1 U/µl
Enzyme Inactivation EDTA or EGTA in molar excess of CaCl2
Optimum Reaction Temperature 37°C

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