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ZR DNA-Card Extraction Kit™

Get the DNA out! Simple and efficient procedure for the purification of DNA from samples collected onto Guthrie, FTA®, and other storage papers (cards).
State-of-the-art, ultra-high density BashingBeads™ are fracture resistant, chemically inert, and can be used with any bead mill, disrupter, or vortex that can accommodate standard 2 ml tubes.
Eluted DNA is high quality and inhibitor-free making it ideal for PCR and genotyping.

Product Size Catalog # Price Qty
ZR DNA-Card Extraction Kit™ 50 Preps D6040

About ZR DNA-Card Extraction Kit™

This product will be discontinued within the next 3 months (November 30th, 2016) or while supplies last. Please refer to Quick-DNA Universal Kit (D4068/D4069) for the direct replacement product (sample kit available), with the following additional components (required): ZR BashingBead Lysis Tubes 2.0 mm (S6003-50) and Lysis Solution (S6001-3-40). Please refer to (D4048 & D4069) protocol for more information.

DNA can be notoriously difficult to elute from some cellulose-based storage papers (cards).  The ZR DNA-Card Extraction Kit is designed for simple and rapid purification of inhibitor-free, PCR-quality DNA from blood, saliva, and cells collected onto Guthrie, FTA®, and other storage papers (cards). The procedure is easy and can be completed in minutes: card punches are added directly to a ZR BashingBead Lysis Tube and thoroughly homogenized by bead beating (e.g., Xpedition Sample Processor, FastPrep®-24, or similar).  Following Proteinase K digestion, the DNA is purified using innovative column technology (see schematic of procedure below).  Eluted DNA is ideal for PCR, genotyping, etc.

Figure 1. DNA can be effectively purified from blood spotted onto Guthrie and FTA® cards using the ZR DNA-Card Extraction Kit. Briefly, two punches (3.0 mm) from blood spotted onto a Guthrie (C1) and FTA® (D1) card (>1 yr. old) was used for processing with the kit. Eluted DNA was analyzed with a TapeStation (Agilent) shown in the image above. A1 is a molecular weight marker and B1 input DNA from a fresh blood preparation.

Step 1

Add card samples (punches) to a ZR BashingBead™ Lysis Tube. Add 400 µl Lysis Solution to the tube. 

Step 2

Secure lysis tube in a bead beater fitted with a 2 ml tube holder assembly and process at maximum speed. 

Note: Processing times may be as little as 40 seconds when using high-speed disrupters (e.g., FastPrep®-24, or similar). See manufacturer’s literature for operating instructions.

Step 3

Centrifuge the ZR BashingBead™ Lysis Tube for 1 minute.

Step 4

To the lysate in the ZR Bashing Bead™ Lysis Tube, add: 

2X Digestion Buffer 390 µl 

Proteinase K 10 µl

Step 5

Mix and then incubate the tube at 55°C for 15-30 minutes. 

Step 6

Centrifuge the ZR Bashing Bead™ Lysis Tube for 1 minute. Transfer 400 µl supernatant to a microcentrifuge tube. 

Step 7

Add 800 µl DNA Isolation Buffer to the tube and mix thoroughly.

Step 8

Transfer 800 µl of the mixture to a Zymo-Spin™ IC Column in a Collection Tube. Centrifuge for 1 minute. Discard flow through and repeat until the entire volume has passed through the column. 

Step 9

Add 200 µl of DNA Wash Buffer to the spin column. Centrifuge for one minute. Repeat this wash step.

Step 10

Transfer the spin column to a clean microcentrifuge tube. Add ≥10 µl DNA Elution Buffer or water to the spin column. Incubate 2-5 minutes at room temperature, then centrifuge at top speed for 30 seconds to elute the DNA. 

The eluted DNA can be used immediately for molecular based applications or stored ≤-20ºC for future use. 

For specific notes and additional information, please see the product protocol PDF.
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