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Sample Collection & Stabilization Overview

Degradation of DNA and RNA in biological samples (post-collection) has posed an obstacle to the accurate study of genetic identification and expression profiling, respectively.  Refrigeration and the use of cryogenic freezing methods for environmental and forensic sample preservation are often not available options.  However, stabilization of DNA and RNA in samples is readily facilitated using Xpedition Sample Prep and DNA/RNA Shield technologies. With the Xpedition Lysis/Stabilization Solution, DNA is preserved in sample lysates for subsequent storage and transportation without the requirement of refrigeration and can be analyzed later, when convenient, in the laboratory. 

Sample Collection & Stabilization Technologies

Xpedition™ Lysis/Stabilization Solution

A lysis buffer used for remote processing (including bead bashing or other types of mechanism homoginization) of samples. DNA is effectively stabilized in homogenized lysates for non-refrigerated storage/transport prior to DNA purification.

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DNA/RNA Shield

A unique DNA and RNA preservation technology for unsurpassed biological sample collection, storage, infectious agent inactivation, and downstream purification.

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Urine Conditioning Buffer

Urine Conditioning Buffer™ (UCB™) ensures nucleic acid stability in urine during sample storage/transport at ambient temperatures. There is no need for refrigeration or specialized equipment. UCB™ can be added to any urine collection device.

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