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Urine Conditioning Buffer

Effectively preserves DNA and RNA in urine at ambient temperatures
Facilitates pelleting of both cellular and cell-free nucleic acids from large volume urine samples
Inhibits microbial growth during long-term (cold-free) storage of urine samples

Product Size Catalog # Price Qty
Urine Conditioning Buffer 140 ml D3061-1-140

About Urine Conditioning Buffer

Urine Conditioning Buffer™ (UCB™) ensures nucleic acid stability in urine during sample storage/transport at ambient temperatures. There is no need for refrigeration or specialized equipment. UCB™ can be added to any urine collection device.

Figure 1. UCB™ provides superior preservation vs. conventional methods. Urine (with or without UCB™) was preserved using different storage conditions: Room Temperature (RT), -20˚C, and -80˚C. HeLa cells were spiked in to urine before starting the RNA experiment. After two weeks of storage, total DNA (yellow) and total RNA (green) were purified. Corresponding fold change of preserved nucleic acids was obtained from qPCR analysis. Experiment was performed in technical duplicates.

Figure 2. UCB™ preserves DNA in urine stored at different temperatures. Urine added with UCB™ was stored at different temperatures (4 ˚C, Room Temperature (RT), and 37 ˚C) and analyzed over a period of 26 days. At each time point, total DNA was isolated from samples using the Quick-DNA™ Urine Kit. Corresponding Ct values were obtained from qPCR analysis. Experiment was performed in technical duplicates.

Figure 3. UCB™ prevents microbial growth at ambient temperature. Urine was stored with and without UCB for 6 days. On day 6, microbial colony formation was determined by plating 500 μl urine on LB agar, followed by incubation at 37 ˚C overnight.

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