Mix & Go Competent Cells - Strain TG1

For general cloning, blue-white screening, plasmid isolation.
Mix & Go transformation procedure with transformation efficiencies of 108 - 109 transformants/µg of plasmid DNA.
Simple procedure: add DNA and then spread. DNA transformation in as little as 20 seconds!

Product Size Catalog # Price Qty
Mix & Go Competent Cells - Strain TG1 10 x 100 µl (10 tubes) T3017

About Mix & Go Competent Cells - Strain TG1

The Mix & Go E. coli strains are premade, chemically competent cells for simple and highly efficient DNA transformation. Mix & Go E. coli cells are made chemically competent by a method that completely eliminates the need for heat shocking and related procedures. For transformation, simply mix DNA with cells and then spread onto solid medium − Mix & Go! The premade Mix & Go competent cells are highly efficient (> 108 transformants / µg pUC19) and can be used for cloning, sub-cloning, PCR fragment cloning, library construction, etc. Premade Mix & Go competent cells strain TG1 cells are supplied as a pack of 10 convenient single use aliquots.

Format Pack of ten single use aliquots (100 µl / tube)
Genotype F’[traD36 lacIq ∆(lacZ) M15 proA+B+] glnV (supE) thi-1 ∆(mcrB-hsdSM)5 (rK- mK- McrB-) thi ∆(lac-proAB)
Storage -70°C

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