Antibodies for Epigenetics Overview

Epigenetic modifications of DNA, RNA, and protein very often result in small changes, relative to the size of rest of the biomolecule. These subtle changes, however, can have dramatic impact on many cellular processes. Detecting epigenetic modifications often requires the use of specific molecular and chemical tools, and in particular, antibodies have proven very useful in detecting epigenetic modifications such as DNA methylation and hydroxymethylation. Zymo Research offers unique antibodies that have been validated for many applications, including ELISA and immunoprecipitation, and are also suitable for immunoblotting, and immunofluorescence.

Antibodies for Epigenetics Technologies


Highly specific anti-5-methylcytosine antibody. Validated for immunoprecipitation and ELISAs.

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Anti-5-Hydroxymethylcytosine Polyclonal Antibody

Specific to hydroxymethylated DNA with extremely low levels of cross-reactivity to methylated or unmodified cytosine.

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