5-hmC Glucosyltransferase Overview

Several methods to investigate DNA hydroxymethylation require 5-hmC-modified bases to first be glycosylated in vitro. Specific glucosylation of 5-hmC can be easily accomplished by the highly active 5-hmC Glucosyltransferase enzyme from Zymo Research. J-Binding Protein-1 (JBP-1) specifically binds to glucosylated DNA with high affinity, allowing 5-hmC levels to be determined by JBP-1-based enrichment. Additionally, glucosylation of 5-hmC alters the digestion of DNA by several restriction enzymes, and therefore digestion patterns of 5-hmC-glucosylated DNA can be used to assess DNA hydroxymethylation levels.

5-hmC Glucosyltransferase Technologies

5-hmC Glucosyltransferase

Specifically modify 5-hydroxymethylcytosine in DNA by adding a glucose moiety using this high-activity enzyme.

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