Epigenetic Enzymes & Reagents Overview

Many epigenetic experiments require specialized enzymes or reagents to be successfully performed and reliably analyzed, and Zymo Research offers an extensive and continuously expanding line of enzymes and reagents for epigenetics research.

Epigenetic Enzymes & Reagents Technologies

DNA Polymerases

Bisulfite-converted and modified DNA is difficult to amplify with most DNA polymerases, but our novel ZymoTaq™ and QuestTaq™ polymerases are specifically optimized for compatibility with bisulfite-treated and methylated/hydroxymethylated template DNA, respectively.  (Learn More)

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DNA Modifying Enzymes

Zymo Research offers several highly active DNA modifying enzymes for use in epigenetics research.  (Learn More)

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Zymo Research offers multiple optimized nuclease enzymes which allow researchers to completely degrade DNA to its constitutive nucleotides or nucleosides, isolate nucleosome-associated chromatin, or fragment DNA to the desired length.  (Learn More)

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Modified Nucleotides

High quality methylated, hydroxymethylated, and unmodified nucleotides in ready-to-use formats.  (Learn More)

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