Zymo Research Corp. announced the first in a line of services to simplify and streamline epigenetic research. Starting today Zymo Research takes epigenetics research to the next level with the EpiQuestâ„¢ Genome-Wide DNA Methylation Analysis Platform. This new service combines Next-Gen sequencing with well-established bisulfite technologies for the most comprehensive DNA methylation analysis service available. Streamlined sample prep, cutting-edge bioinformatics, and consolidated data delivery take the difficulty out of methylation characterization and simplify epigenetic biomarker discovery. With this new service all you need to do is ask the question, we take care of the rest. Traditionally recognized for its innovative DNA and RNA purification technologies, Zymo Research has pioneered a niche for itself in the now rapidly growing field of epigenetic research. For nearly a decade Zymo Research has provided scientists with high quality state of the art products for epigenetics. Our bisulfite treatment technologies and DNA methylation standards are the most popular and cited to date for DNA methylation detection. We will continue as The Epigenetics Company to expand our DNA methylation and hydroxymethylation portfolio of products and services for years to come.