See how simple
RNA extraction can be

7 minutes from TRIzol® to purified RNA

Accommodates any sample in TRIzol®, TRI Reagent ®, etc.

including cells, tissues, in vitro reactions, tough-to-lyse samples, FFPE, plants, microorganisms, and body fluids.

small & large RNA

High-quality small and large RNAs are effectively recovered using the Direct-zol™ kit. RNA is DNA-free.

miRNA recovery

The data show RNA purified from TRIzol® samples using the Direct-zol™ RNA MiniPrep compared to an unbiased method (mirVana™, Ambion). Micro-RNA analysis was performed using miRNA-Seq (MiSeq®, Illumina) and a direct hybridization assay (nCounter®, Nanostring).


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