DNA/RNA Co-Purification Overview

RNA and DNA can be isolated simultaneously or into two separate fractions.  Purify up to 25 µg DNA and/or 50 µg RNA with DNA/RNA co-purification and parallel purification kits from Zymo Research.

DNA/RNA Co-Purification Technologies


Co-purification of ssRNA and ssDNA (≤ 200 nt) and separation of the single-stranded nucleic acids from double-stranded species.

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Cells & Tissue RNA

Parallel purification of DNA and RNA from cells and tissue into separate fractions from the same sample.

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Serum Plasma & Body Fluid RNA

The ZR Viral RNA/DNA Kit features a specially designed spin column for exceptional capture and release of both small and large nucleic acids from serum, plasma, and other biological liquids. This enables effective screening and identification of DNA and RNA viruses from the same sample source.

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