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Enzymes Overview

In many cases high-quality enzymes are needed to increase the efficiency of RNA purification methods.  DNase I is suited for applications including removal of DNA template after in vitro transcription, and removal of DNA from RNA samples prior to applications such as RT-PCR.  Proteinase K is a stable serine protease with broad substrate specificity that will degrade many proteins in their native conformation even in the presence of detergents (e.g., SDS).  RNase A specifically cleaves at the 3′-side of pyrimidine (uracil or cytosine) phosphate bonds and is compatible for use in RNase protection assays and the analysis of the structure of RNA sequences in RNase structure mapping experiments.

Enzymes Technologies

Proteinase K

Proteinase K is frequently used in molecular biology applications to digest unwanted proteins such as nucleases from DNA and/or RNA preparations from microorganisms, cells, and plants.

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DNase I Set

DNase I cuts both double-stranded and single-stranded DNA, and is typically used for selectively degrading DNA in the presence of RNA.

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RNase A

Compatible for use in RNase protection assays, to hydrolyze RNA contained in protein samples, and in the purification of DNA.

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