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High-Throughput/Automated Isolation Overview

High-throughput RNA purification and automated RNA extraction methods are now required in many different types of experiments. Zymo Research offers kits available in two 96-well formats (i.e., Zymo-Spin plate and magnetic bead). The magnetic bead format is completely adaptable for use with automated liquid handlers and robotics. All 96-well kits provide consistent, high-quality RNA isolation to ensure accuracy in all downstream applications.

High-Throughput/Automated Isolation Technologies

96-well Spin Plate

Zymo Research offers 96-well spin plate versions of its most popular RNA clean-up and isolation kits. These kits offer researchers increased throughput and consistency without sacrificing yield or quality.  (Learn More)

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96-well Magnetic Bead

Zymo Research has a unique offering of 96-well magnetic bead format kits for automated RNA purification.  (Learn More)

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