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RNA Clean & Concentrator™-25

Quick, 5 minute recovery of ultra pure RNA (≥17 nt) from enzymatic reactions, aqueous phase (following Trizol® extraction) and other sources.
High-quality RNA eluted in ≥25 μl is ready for reverse transcription, microarray, sequencing, etc.

Product Size Catalog # Price Qty
RNA Clean & Concentrator™- 25 50 Preps. R1017
RNA Clean & Concentrator™- 25 100 Preps. R1018

About RNA Clean & Concentrator™-25

RNA Clean & Concentrator-25 provides a simple and reliable method for the rapid preparation of up to 50 µg of high-quality RT-PCR-ready RNA.  This simple procedure is based on the use of a unique single-buffer system and Zymo-Spin column technology that allows for selective recovery of total RNA (> 17 nt), large RNAs (> 200 nt), and/or small RNAs (17-200 nt).

The procedure is easy:  Add binding buffer and ethanol to your sample, then bind, wash and elute ultra pure RNA.  The RNA can be eluted from the Zymo-Spin IIC Column in as little as ≥25 µl of RNase-free water.  The highly-concentrated, purified RNA is suitable for all subsequent analyses and molecular manipulations.

The entire procedure typically takes about 5 minutes.

Equipment Microcentrifuge
Sample Sources DNase I treated RNA, in vitro transcription products, the aqueous phase following TRIzol®/chloroform or similar2 extraction.
RNA Purity High quality RNA (A260/A280 >1.8, A260/A230 >1.8) suitable for reverse transcription, microarray, sequencing etc.
RNA Recovery Up to 50 μg RNA can be eluted into as little as ≥25 μl RNase-free water allowing for a highly concentrated sample.
RNA Storage RNA is eluted with RNase-free water and can be stored at ≤-70 ºC. The addition of RNase inhibitors is optional but highly recommended for prolonged storage.
RNA Size Limits From 17 nt to ~23 kb.

Concentration of diluted RNA samples.
RNA was eluted with 20 μl RNase-free water (n = 3, total input = 1 μg RNA).
    Purification of small and large RNAs into separate fractions.
RNA Clean & Concentrator™ allows for purification of total RNA (> 17 nt), large RNAs (> 200 nt), and/or small RNAs (17-200 nt).

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For specific notes and additional information, please see the product protocol PDF.
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Featured Citations

In experiments designed to investigate RNase E-mediated degradation of mRNAs in cyanobacteria, the RNA Clean & Concentrator-25 was used to both concentrate gel-purified in vitro transcribed RNA as well as to clean up total cellular RNA for reverse transcription following DNase treatment. The researchers found that regulatory antisense RNAs are able to protect mRNA from being degraded by RNase E through forming RNA-RNA complexes with their target mRNA molecules.

“It isolates small RNAs in the same go, unlike MinElute columns which leaves out RNAs smaller than 200nt.”
Anupma C.
“Great yield from a tiny amount of genomic RNA.”
Andrew H. (University of British Columbia)
“Kit was easy and fast, and cleaned up my RNA samples very well. It did exactly what I needed it to do.”
Caroline S. (Cornell University)
“It’s [an] excellent kit to work with tissues with high poly-phenols and acids.”
Arun D. (University of Missouri)
“The Zymo-Spin IC column is convenient.”
Lihua D. (National Institutes of Health)
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