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Sample Collection & Stabilization Overview

RNA is susceptible to degradation by exposure to ubiquitous ribonucleases, elevated temperatures, pH extremes, and other harsh conditions. The stabilization of intact RNA is a key factor that determines the quality and consistency of downstream RNA isolation and analyses. Improper sample collection and storage can dramatically and irreversibly compromise the integrity of RNA.

DNA/RNA Shield is an all-in-one reagent for sample collection and worry-free RNA (and DNA) stabilization at ambient temperatures.  DNA/RNA Shield™ completely inactivates RNases and infectious agents, and is compatible with all RNA purification methods.  Use DNA/RNA Shield with multiple collection devices and samples including swabs, cells, tissues, biological liquid samples, and more!  DNA/RNA Shield instantly lyses cells, ensures RNA stability, and preserves expression profiles during transport and/or long-term storage at ambient temperatures – without the need for cold storage or specialized equipment.  Samples in DNA/RNA Shield can be added directly to most of Zymo Research's RNA purification kits, unlike other reagents, which require complicated and time-consuming removal steps.  

Sample Collection & Stabilization Technologies

DNA/RNA Shieldâ„¢

A unique DNA and RNA preservation technology for unsurpassed biological sample collection, storage, infectious agent inactivation, and downstream purification.

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