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Epigenetic Analysis

Mass Spectrometry

Zymo Research offers a service for global analysis of DNA methylation and DNA hydroxymethylation using a unique LC/MS (MRM) platform. This Mass Spec-based service allows very sensitive, accurate, and quantitative analysis of the levels of 5-methylcytosine (5-mC) and 5-hydroxymethylcytosine (5-hmC) modifications in DNA. Please inquire for more information. Click here to view our citations.

Sequencing & Expression Analysis


Zymo Research's RNA-Seq service makes Next-Gen transcriptome analysis available to every researcher, without the need for expensive equipment or bioinformatics expertise. Now you can achieve transcriptome-wide coverage of total RNA, or small RNA with the latest Next-Gen sequencing technology. Useful for:

  • Gene expression studies
  • miRNA analysis
  • Non-coding RNA investigations
  • Discovering splice variants, SNPs, and RNA editing sites
  • And much more!

Let our scientists do the work, starting with RNA purification and sample prep all the way through the bioinformatic analyses with the delivery of a report with publication-ready figures directly to you. Or, we can perform only the steps you want. Each project is fully customizable to ensure your needs are met! Many types of analyses are available including total RNA-Seq, small RNA-Seq (miRNA), polyadenylated RNA-Seq, and non-polyadenylated RNA-Seq.

De Novo Sequencing, Re-sequencing and Targeted Sequencing

Zymo Research offers the latest Next-Generation Sequencing technology and state of the art bioinformatics for de novo sequencing, re-sequencing, and targeted sequencing of large and small genomes.

Other Services

Custom Projects

Don't see a service for the type of analysis you need? Please contact us to inquire about custom projects.

Services are customizable and can be combined to suit your needs!

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