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Genome-Wide 5-hmC CapSeq / JBP1-Seq


State of the art JBP-1 enrichment, library prep, next-generation sequencing service for highly sensitive genome-wide 5-hmC analysis.


Low DNA input with high-resolution data output.


Consolidated, customizable data report via a specially developed bioinformatics pipeline.

This new genome-wide 5-hmC analysis platform features cutting-edge 5-hmC DNA enrichment, library prep, and next-generation sequencing technologies to ensure the sensitivity of 5-hmC detection in genome-wide context.

Features include:

I. Unparalleled specificity and sensitivity: Featured JBP-1 capture technology provides unparalleled enrichment of 5-hmC DNA. This ensures high-resolution output and far greater detection than methods featuring antibody-based enrichment schemes. The technology facilitates more data from less input (sub-microgram DNA) and allows 5-hmC to be distinguished from 5-methylcytosine (5-mC) marks

II. Fully customizable bioinformatics pipeline: Facilitated by a novel, straightforward bioinformatics solution is the quick and accurate transformation of raw sequence data into annotated genome tracks, with options including concatenated gene profiles, read distributions, coverage data, and more. Summarizing these data is a consolidated report delivered to the customer comprised of a project synopsis and publication-ready figures and graphs.

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