Zymo Research to Launch Three New Kits for Microbiome Research at ASM Microbe 2017

Zymo Research to Launch Three New Kits for Microbiome Research at ASM Microbe 2017

NEW ORLEANSJune 2, 2017 PRNewswire -- Zymo Research Corp. will introduce the newest in its line of kits for microbiomic research. The AccuBIOME™ Amplicon Sequencing Kit utilizes real-time PCR instead of regular PCR for library preparation of amplicon sequencing; the HostZERO™ Microbial DNA Isolation Kit selectively depletes mammalian host DNA; and Zymo Research added a new microbial standard with staggered abundance to their line of ZymoBIOMICS® Microbial Community Standards.

AccuBIOME™ Amplicon Sequencing Kit 
PCR-based targeted sequencing has broad applications in microbiology, but has long been known to be prone to bias and errors. For example, using 16S rRNA-targeted sequencing in microbiome profiling could show bias due to primer degeneracy and template sequence variations. In order to control or limit the bias, a researcher typically controls or limits the number of PCR cycles. This can be a near impossible task to accomplish in a high-throughput workflow.

To resolve these bias issues, Zymo Research is announcing its new AccuBIOME™ Amplicon Sequencing Kit. The AccuBIOME™ Kit uses using real-time PCR to monitor and control the progress of each PCR reaction during library preparation. Using amplicon sequencing for the 16S rRNA gene sequencing, PCR chimera formation and PCR-related bias are dramatically reduced, therefore producing more accurate results. Additionally, real-time PCR direct library quantification facilitates library pooling, which is often needed for multiplexing samples. Zymo Research's two-step PCR workflow, featuring an enzymatic cleanup step in between, simplifies primer management for multiple amplification targets while maintaining a streamlined process that requires no MagBead purification or quantification. The AccuBIOME™ Kit is ideal for the fast and efficient preparation of DNA libraries for amplicon-based NGS sequencing.

HostZERO™ Microbial DNA Isolation Kit 
In the studies of human/animal-associated microbiota or in the case of pathogen detection, the dominance of host genomic DNA in samples poses a big challenge, especially for shotgun metagenomic sequencing. Effectively depleting host DNA reduces cost and improves sensitivity. Built upon Zymo Research's unbiased microbial DNA purification technology, the company will launch the HostZERO™ Microbial DNA Isolation Kit that selectively depletes mammalian host DNA, thereby enriching microbial DNA. The principle is based on the selective lysis of mammalian host cells, and subsequently digesting their DNA, while keeping microbial cells intact. Zymo Research's tests with human saliva and skin samples, revealed that 90-95% of host DNA was depleted, while a high recovery of microbial DNA was maintained, and bias in microbial composition profile was minimized.

ZymoBIOMICS® Microbial Community Standards (Staggered Abundance) 
Last year Zymo Research launched the ZymoBIOMICS® Microbial Community Standards, that addressed workflow from sample collection to data analysis for microbiomics research. Two new products will be announced at this year's ASM Microbe Conference, which consist of the same strains as the previous Microbial Community Standard but with staggered abundance. The microbial cells/DNA are presented at log-scale differential abundance from 89% to as low as 0.000089%. This allows the assessment of both accuracy and detection limits of a microbiome measurement.

For more information about Zymo Research's products, go to its website or email info@zymoresearch.com.

About Zymo Research Corp. 
Zymo Research Corp. is a privately held company based in Irvine, California, USA. Since its inception in 1994 it has been serving the academic and biopharmaceutical scientific communities by providing DNA and RNA purification products. Their goal is to help scientists reduce time in the lab by eliminating steps and making the entire DNA/RNA extraction process simpler and faster. In addition to the nucleic acid purification products, Zymo Research also offers genetic, epigenetic and transcriptome analysis services. Zymo Research provides high quality products that are simple to use yet robust in their performance. For more information, please visit: www.zymoresearch.com. Follow Zymo Research Corp. on FacebookLinkedInTwitter, and Instagram.

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