A Spin Down Memory Lane: The Origin of the Micro-Elution Spin Column

While researching unidentified pathogens, a young virologist grew frustrated with conventional methods of nucleic acid cleanup. Obtaining low concentrations of DNA from large elution volumes was hindering his research and consuming valuable time. Fed up with inefficient protocols and products, he decided to pioneer his own method.

Using a glass microfiber filter, a micro-Eppendorf tube, and a hot needle for perforation, the founder of Zymo Research created the first-ever micro-elution spin column. This homemade solution offered significantly higher concentrations of DNA from small elution volumes. This level of purity and concentration enabled him to sequence DNA directly from PCR without the once-required cloning step, it also gave him better efficiency for ligation and cloning while eliminating ethanol precipitation, a breakthrough that had long eluded researchers.

As nearby researchers observed the efficiency of his method, spin columns began disappearing from his workstation. It was clear that this technology fulfilled a widespread need in the industry, so he decided to make it available to the world. This marked the beginning of the Zymo-Spin™ Micro-Elution Spin Column.

Origin of the micro elution spin column, earliest version and today's version
Zymo-Spin™ Technology revolutionized the microcentrifuge column to ensure the purification of high-quality, ultra-pure DNA or RNA, ready for use in any downstream application.

This pioneering technology sparked the first wave of Zymo Research's DNA purification products and quickly made its mark on scientific discovery. Notably, it played a pivotal role in landmark research, including the identification of the West Nile Virus in North America. Today, the Zymo-Spin™ technology continues to streamline laboratory workflows and empower researchers worldwide, facilitating cutting-edge discoveries across diverse fields.


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