ChIP-­Seq Services

Fully customizable services for chromatin immunoprecipitation followed by next-­generation sequencing

  • High-­quality data generation with optimized workflows and customized analysis
  • Full service analysis includes the ChIP assay, library prep, Next­Gen sequencing, and bioinformatics
  • Compatible with low sample inputs
  • Rapid turnaround times at an economical price
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ChIP-­Seq is a powerful tool for genome­wide mapping of histone modifications, protein­DNA interactions, and identifying consensus proteinbinding sites in DNA. With the ChIP­Seq service from Zymo Research, you can either perform the ChIP assay yourself and send us the enriched DNA for library construction and Next­Gen sequencing, or we can process your samples using our optimized, proprietary chromatin shearing and enrichment procedures. We also perform the bioinformatics and statistical analyses, and send you the results in publication­ready format.

DNA Methylation Workflow Browser Tracks Hexbin Plot 1 CpG gene Methylation Histogram

DNA Methylation Workflow

ChIP-Seq Workflow

DNA Methylation Workflow

ChIP-Seq Peaks Over Chromosomes

DNA Methylation Workflow

Average ChIP-Seq Gene Profile

DNA Methylation Workflow

ChIP-Seq Browser Tracks with Peak Calling

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