DNA/RNA Shield

R1100-50 / R1100-250 / R1200-25 / R1200-125

DNA/RNA Shield

R1100-50 / R1100-250 / R1200-25 / R1200-125

Cat # Name Size Price Quantity
R1100-50 DNA/RNA Shield 50 ml $68.00
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R1100-250 DNA/RNA Shield 250 ml $241.00
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R1200-25 DNA/RNA Shield (2X Concentrate) 25 ml $68.00
+ -
R1200-125 DNA/RNA Shield (2X Concentrate) 125 ml $241.00
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DNA/RNA transport medium for any sample


DNA/RNA Shield reagent is a DNA and RNA stabilization solution for nucleic acids in any biological sample. This DNA and RNA stabilization solution preserves the genetic integrity and expression profiles of samples at ambient temperatures and completely inactivates infectious agents (viruses, bacteria, fungi, & parasites). The unique DNA and RNA stabilization solution also prevents degradation from freeze-thaw cycling and unexpected freezer failures.

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Technical Specifications

Applicable For Next-Generation Sequencing, qPCR, microarray.
Device Specs Reagent
Reagent Storage Ambient temperature => 2 years
Sample Collection 10% (v/v or w/v)
Sample Source Cells, tissues, blood, plasma, serum, saliva, urine, feces, environmental samples, etc.
Sample Stability RNA: Ambient temperature (4°C- 25°C) >1 month
DNA: Ambient temperature (4°C- 25°C) >2 years
DNA & RNA: Frozen (<-20°C): Indefinitely

Product FAQ

Q1: A white precipitate occurred after thawing frozen samples stored in DNA/RNA Shield, is this normal?

Q2: Do I need to homogenize the sample in DNA/RNA Shield prior to storage?

Q3: How to collect solid tissues in DNA/RNA Shield?

Q4: Can I FACS sort directly into DNA/RNA Shield?

Q5: How long can samples be stored frozen in DNA/RNA Shield?

Q6: How long can samples be stored samples in DNA/RNA Shield at ambient temperature?

Q7: What sample types is DNA/RNA Shield suitable for?

Q8: Can DNA/RNA Shield be used on extracted DNA and/or RNA?


DNA/RNA Shield was used to store water collected onto filters and total RNA was isolated. A detailed metatranscriptomic analysis of the microbial communities points towards differing metabolic cycles occurring in anoxic and saline habitats in upper and deep sea regions respectively.

Pachiadaki MG, et. al. (2014). Unveili

FACS sorted cells derived from disassociated 3D tissue matrix were collected in DNA/RNA Shield for downstream RNA-seq. Transcriptome analyses revealed that modifying crosslinking of hydrogels can optimize expression patterns to correlate with specific brain regions in an engineering 3D neural tissue.

Tekin, H et al. Effects of 3D culturing conditions on the transcriptomic profile of stem-cell-derived neurons. Nature Biomedical Engineering. 2018.

DNA/RNA Shield was used to collect biomass samples from bench-scale microbial fuel cells. After bead-beating homogenization, the supernatant was used for automated DNA and RNA extraction on a Promega Maxwell Magnetic Particle Processor with the Maxwell 16 LEV Blood DNA and 16 LEV simplyRNA Blood kits.

Chen, S et al. Methane-driven microbial fuel cells recover energy and mitigate dissolved methane emissions from anaerobic effluents. Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology. 2018.


“I did an assay using RNA/DNA shield and it works perfect. The product has excellent reproducibility when stored at 4°C for up to a month.”

- Maha AE. (University of Florida)

“I’m a Zymo fan! DNA/RNA Shield is a great product. It works great on my precious samples. I trust Zymo Research products and they have great tech support!!”

- Laura T. (USDA)

“We use DNA/RNA shield and it works well with adults mosquitoes, larvae, eggs. We store it at RT for weeks and at -4 or -20 for months, never saw any DNA degradation.”

- Umberto P. (University of Pavia)

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