For cordless, portable, and convenient processing of tough-to-lyse biological and environmental samples.
Allows the researcher to “Take the Lab to the Field” and to the site of sample collection with Zymo Research’s state of the art products for environmental DNA and RNA purification.
Ideal for both field and lab use.

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TerraLyzer™ 1 Unit S6022

About TerraLyzer™

Degradation and contamination of biological samples have been obstacles to scientific study, and may be particularly problematic in highly sensitive molecular-analysis techniques (e.g., PCR of low copy DNA). Use of cryogenic freezing methods for environmental/forensic sample preservation may often be too impractical to be employed. The solution is the TerraLyzer™ and Xpedition™ Sample Prep Kits from Zymo Research. The TerraLyzer™ is a cordless, hand-held device developed for vigorous sample disruption (bead beating) that allows the researcher/investigator to “Take the Lab to the Field” and to the site of sample collection.

The TerraLyzer™ can be used to lyse microbes in soil, sediment, sludge, and fecal samples and can effectively process tough-to-lyse fungal, algal, plant, and animal tissues. It can be used at any remote location and in most weather conditions when immediate sample collection, processing, and preservation are required by the researcher. The device is compatible with most 2.0 ml tubes containing lysis matrix, though ZR BashingBead™ Tubes should be used to obtain maximum yields of DNA/RNA/Protein from tough-to-lyse and environmental sample sources.

The TerraLyzer consists of a cordless, electric drive unit mounted to a unique, proprietary lysis chamber. It is designed to operate at full speed for as long as the trigger on the device is actuated and charge remains in the battery. This allows the researcher to maintain precise control of the time and extent of sample lysis.

Processing Time Generally <3 minutes.
Sample Sources The TerraLyzer device can be used to effectively lyse microbes in soil, sediment, sludge, and fecal samples and can effectively process tough-to-lyse fungal, algal, plant, and animal tissues.
Operating Temperature Optimum -20°C to 45°C.

Example of Sample Processing


Step 1

Attach the battery into the bottom of the TerraLyzer™ drive unit.

Step 2

Depress the rotation lock button to adjust the TerraLyzer™ lysis chamber to the desired angle  (90°, 135°, or 180°) of operation. Release the lock button to set the angle; an audible snap will indicate a secure setting.  Use 180° for best results in a shorter time.

Step 3

Make sure the screw top of a 2.0 ml lysis tube (e.g., ZR BeadBashing™ Tube) containing a sample is tight before placing it into the lysis chamber of the TerraLyzer™

  • Place the bottom of the lysis tube into the lysis chamber. Push the lysis tube down and backward to “snap” the lysis tube into the lysis chamber. The tube will be secured by the two set screws on either side of the chamber.
  • Slide the chamber shield over and down to the base of the lysis chamber. The chamber shield should sit below the stop screw at the top. 
Step 4

Process the sample by depressing the red trigger for the desired time.  Begin with a processing time of 30 seconds [however, tougher tissues (e.g., plant, fibrous tissue) may require longer processing times].

Step 5

After processing, remove the chamber shield and take out the lysis tube.   The lysed material (lysate) can be used immediately for DNA/RNA isolation, or if processed using Xpedition™ Sample Prep Kits (pg. 11), can be stored/transported for DNA isolation at a later time.

For specific notes and additional information, please see the product protocol PDF.
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