Position Title: Post-Doctoral Research Scientist/Scientist (NGS Group)
Location: 17062 Murphy Ave, Irvine, CA 92614
Reports To: Director or R&D / CSO

Summary/Contribution of Position:

As a Scientist at Zymo Research, you will work to develop world-class Next Generation Sequencing technologies from concept to completion. You will perform and/or supervise the performance of laboratory and/or field experimental procedures in support of RNA research, epigenetic research, clinical applications and other related duties (e.g. business development, marketing, product development, and networking) as required.


The Opportunity:

As a Scientist at Zymo Research you will have an opportunity to lead and/or work with a talented multidisciplinary team of scientists and researchers to develop tools that will affect and shape the biomedical industry. You will have an opportunity to innovate, develop, and deliver RNA technologies from sample collection to analyses and clinical applications. As a Scientist, you will contribute to Zymo’s strategic planning and continuously be encouraged to explore new ideas as a part of navigating and innovating in this highly competitive field. Zymo Research offers tremendous room for growth as we continuously explore new directions and expand.


The Company:

the past 22 years by providing innovative world-class molecular biology research tools. With our continual innovations in Epigenetics, Microbiomics and Nucleic Acid Purification/Sample Collection we fully expect to maintain this rapid growth for years to come. We strive to bring the best out of each of our employees and continually encourage personal growth and development. We embrace the golden rule “treat others as you would like to be treated” and operate using this principle at every level. We hold ourselves to this rule when working with customers, each other, collaborators, or competitors. As a consequence, the company is flexible and compassionate towards it employees recognizing them as people and key contributors to the success of the company. We see ourselves as a family all pushing to achieve our objective of contributing to society, which has led to an environment that promotes teamwork and collaboration.

Put simply, Zymo Research strives to bring the best out of everyone with the goal of simplifying the world through science.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities

These responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

    • Develop nature and general plan of approach to basic research problems; read and abstract scientific articles pertaining to prosecution of broad research problems; proceed with independent direction to organize and work out all techniques involved.
    • Plan, assign, and direct the work of several Research Associates, advising them on problems which they are unable to solve.
    • Contribute original ideas of major methodological significance to the prosecution of laboratory and/or field phases of research.
    • Take complete charge of the execution of laboratory phases of major research projects over considerable periods of time.
    • Exercise judgment, initiative, and resourcefulness in making decisions.
    • Carry responsibility for laboratory management and supervision of Research Associates, Laboratory Assistants, and Interns.
    • Frequent contributions of (a) original ideas of major importance in the prosecution of laboratory and/or field phases of research and/or (b) interpretation of data yielded by new/original method(s) used or developed in the course of laboratory and/or field phases of research.
    • Communicating effectively with research team, and manufacturing
    • Meeting regularly with the research team to discuss project progress
    • Ensuring that all research staff are informed about their project-related duties and investigational agents Execution of projects or major portions of research projects which have been broadly outlined by the CSO
    • Engage in difficult and complex research projects in collaboration with Research Associates, making important original contributions pertaining to laboratory and/or field experimental procedures
    • Engage in research and development to produce marketable products that product release may be maintained over a period of selling time
    • Co-author scientific journal articles may and level of innovational contribution publicly.
    • Possessing a thorough understanding of the requirements of each project
    • Assessing overall project feasibility
    • Not implementing any project deviation or changes without agreement by the CSO and prior review and approval by ZRC (except to eliminate immediate hazards to the subject)
    • Providing adequate information to initially review the study (i.e., projects, investigator's brochure, and any written information to be given to publications, or collateral material).
    • Providing documents for ongoing review (i.e., amendments to the protocol, adverse events, deviations or new information)
    • Securing CSO approval prior to initiating the study or instituting any changes to the project as approved.
    • Providing written summaries of the trial status annually, or as requested
    • Providing all documents subject to their review
    • Having adequate number of qualified staff to conduct the study
    • Having adequate facilities to conduct the study
    • Ensuring he/she has adequate time to conduct and supervise the study
    • Documenting deviations from the approved project
    • Complying with written procedures to document changes to data and/or case report forms
    • Maintaining project documents as required by the regulations
    • Standardize new techniques and train other staff personnel and students in their use.
    • Maintain complete hand written reports (lab notebooks) on all phases of laboratory and/or field experimental work involved in research projects adhering to the Zymo Research Notebook Policy
    • Participating in monitoring visits and government and private industry audits as appropriate
    • Making available to monitors, auditors, and regulatory authority(ies) all requested project-related records
    • Being thoroughly familiar with the use and disposal of the chemicals, and reagents
    • Assuming responsibility for the project and components investigational product at the lab site
    • Ensuring the proper use and storage of the investigational product(s) at the lab site
    • Attending educational workshops and seminars
    • Reviewing and writing for professional publications
    • Participating in professional societies and associations
    • Make formal presentations to association, university, and professional groups
    • Responsible for conduct Beta-Testing with potential customers.
    • Responsible for writing the packaging instructions (protocol)
    • Collaborate with marketing on content for marketing collateral, website, and packaging
    • Collaborate with product strategy with the manufacturing department


Supervisory Responsibilities:

  • Research Associates
  • Project Leadership over teams


Education and Experience:

  • Strong background in RNA research, molecular biology, next generation sequencing with demonstrated understanding in bioinformatics
  • Requires a Ph.D degree in, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Immunology, biology or related field
  • Candidate should be well versed in genomics, bioinformatics, and NGS sequencing data analysis
  • Requires at least two first author scientific publications and two second or third author publications
  • Demonstrates well-developed written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills, with the ability to establish highly functional relationships with diverse personalities, both within and outside the company. Open, customer-focused style of communication.


Other Preferable Experience:

  • Experience with the development of bioinformatics methods, including analysis pipelines
  • A proven, sustained track record of sales success


Core Competencies:

  • Scientific objectivity and focus
  • Ability to execute and deliver
  • Project and team leadership
  • Organization
  • Operational
  • Customer Service
  • Reporting/Metrics
  • Writing
  • Team Player


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