Position Title: Research Associate - Chemistry

Location: Tustin, CA

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Summary/Contribution of Position

We are seeking highly-motivated and proactive individuals to join our R&D team as a Research Associate. Working side by side with some of the most talented people in biotechnology, the successful applicant will participate in independent product research efforts targeted at driving either the development of novel, cutting-edge technology or improvements to products currently in our portfolio.

The applicant will have demonstrated the ability to efficiently multi-task and manage a scientific research project, starting from the initial idea through to completion and publication in a peer-reviewed journal. The successful candidate will also be a quick learner, have strong interest in science, and be passionate about a career in research.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Perform chemical synthesis for early research projects and for the development phase of chemical processes.
  2. Maintain equipment in a chemical synthesis laboratory such as but not limited to: HPLC, UV/Vis, fluorimeter, FTIR, inert atmosphere glove box, vacuum pumps.
  3. Perform various molecular assays and conduct complex, high-level scientific research activities.
  4. Maintain laboratory notebook as an up-to-date detailed log of experiments and ongoing research efforts.
  5. Interface with principal investigator to analyze experiments.
  6. Optimize experimental procedures and update current SOPs.
  7. Develop and write project protocols and methodology for developed research components.
  8. Interface with manufacturing on current and pilot scale manufacturing. Troubleshoot new pilot processes.
  9. Contribute to the organization and inventory systems of the laboratory.
  10. Present project updates at meetings with the principal investigator.
  11. Maintain a current knowledge of the literature and emerging trends in the discipline.
  12. Read scientific literature pertaining to project and apply relevant findings to research project.
Additional Responsibilities
  1. Light manufacturing duties may include assembly of buffers for ZRC kits, aliquoting reagents, and performing quality control tests for our kits and products.
  2. Contribute and edit scientific content for newsletters, marketing efforts, and other related material.
Position Requirements
  1. A BS or an MS degree, with a minimum of two years of post-graduate laboratory experience in Chemistry or Materials Science.
  2. Experience performing organic chemistry techniques.
  3. Experience with common chemical safety protocols and procedures in the laboratory.
  4. A proven track record of designing, executing, analyzing, and trouble laboratory experiments.
  5. Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
  6. Knowledge of Microsoft Office products.
Preferred Experience

Organic synthetic and analytical techniques including but not limited to:

  1. Small molecule and polymer synthesis from milligram scale to 100+ gram scale.
  2. Schlenk line techniques.
  3. Glove box operation and maintenance.
  4. HPLC, UV/Vis, FTIR, NMR, mass spectrometry, and other common characterization techniques.
  5. Flash chromatography, thin layer chromatography, distillation, crystallization, membrane dialysis, and other common purification techniques.
  6. Process scale-up equipment and techniques.

This position is open to those currently residing in and authorized to work in the USA.

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