DNA/RNA Co-Extraction Kits

Discover easy, reliable, and rapid DNA/RNA co-purification kits yielding high-quality total RNA, including small RNAs (17-200 nt), and genomic DNA without the use of phenol. These DNA/RNA co-extraction kits are fully compatible with downstream applications including reverse transcription, microarray, Next-Generation Sequencing, and more.

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DNA/RNA co-extraction kits provide an opportunity for an all-in-one extraction. The all-in-one extraction makes it easier than ever to isolate both high-quality DNA and RNA at the same time. Zymo Research has a variety of DNA/RNA co-extraction kits for the isolation of high-quality DNA and RNA.

DNA/RNA co-extraction kits isolate both genomic DNA and total RNA including small/micro RNAs (>17 nt). The DNA/RNA co-extraction kits work for a wide variety of sample types including fresh/frozen cells and tissues, bacteria, blood, feces, FFPE tissues, insect, plant, plasma, serum, swabs, and saliva. Researchers can implement these DNA/RNA co-extraction kits to isolate down to picogram amounts of nucleic acid (single cell). It is now easier than ever to isolate samples with the innovative Zymo-Spin™ column, plate, and magnetic bead technologies depending on the downstream application.

Downstream applications such as sequencing, are powerful and prevalent tools for developing gene expression profiles. However, sequencing is still extremely vulnerable to biases. Therefore, it is imperative for sample collection and preservation to be done correctly prior to extraction. DNA/RNA Shield™ is a helpful tool to ensure everything remains intact. The DNA/RNA co-extraction kits work well with samples that are in good condition. If the samples are ready, it is easy to achieve DNA and RNA that is suitable for downstream applications. Examples of downstream applications include reverse transcription, microarrays, Next-Gen Sequencing, and more.


DNA/RNA co-extraction kits offer the opportunity to combine multiple steps. This saves time and funds, and high yields of nucleic acids can be achieved from a broad spectrum of samples.

Furthermore, DNA/RNA co-extraction kits give much more information than if only DNA or RNA was isolated separately. DNA/RNA co-extraction kits are critical for precious samples as they offer the opportunity to find as much data as possible. The kits work well even if the sample input is small.


DNA/RNA co-extraction kits offer the opportunity to isolate both DNA and RNA into separate fractions from the same sample input. DNA/RNA co-extraction kits provide labs with the flexibility of working with numerous downstream applications. Zymo Research has a variety of DNA/RNA co-extraction kits that work for many different sample types. Some sample type examples include fresh/frozen cells, tissues, and any sample in DNA/RNA Shield™. DNA/RNA Shield™, DNase I, and Proteinase K are in most co-purification kits for unique preservation and additional lysis technology. DNA and RNA can elute in the same fraction or in two separate fractions. High-quality DNA/RNA is ready for Next-Gen Sequencing, RT/qPCR, etc.

Zymo Research also offers specific, niche DNA/RNA co-extraction kits that work for specific environmental and biological sample types. Examples of sample types include plant, soil, bacteria, tissue, insect, viruses, blood, feces, urine, plasma, serum, saliva, swab, and FFPE. ZR BashingBead Lysis Tubes are 2.0 ml tubes with ultra-high density, fracture resistant, chemically inert beads. The beads are included for hard-to-lyse environmental samples. The DNA/RNA co-extraction kits work with various high-speed and low-speed homogenizers. They are also directly compatible with any of the example sample types and extraction kit(s).


Zymo Research strives to provide the most innovative and groundbreaking technologies. Zymo Research’s DNA/RNA co-extraction kits embody this mission. The DNA/RNA co-extraction kits have different base options. The different base options can extract high-quality nucleic acids for real-world applications. DNA/RNA co-extraction kits are available with column-based technology or high-throughput, magnetic bead-based technology for automated robotic platforms.

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