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New Standard Methods Improve Quality of Microbiomics Data

Zymo Research's Microbial Standards Identify and Eliminate Bias.

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Zymo Research to Present Novel RNA Isolation Protocol

Poster to be presented at ASM Microbe 2016.

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Zymo Research Highlights DNA Preservation and Purification Technology for Urine Specimen Samples at AUA 2016

Zymo Research Corporation will display its Quick-DNA™ Urine Kit at the American Urological Association's Annual Meeting.

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Zymo Research Launches FFPE DNA and RNA Purification Kits at AACR

Introduce the newest in its line of FFPE kits, Quick-DNA™ FFPE Kit and Quick-RNA™ FFPE Kit, for DNA and RNA purification.

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Safe storage and transport of Ebola, Mers-CoV, and other viruses: Groundbreaking viral inactivation solution capable of preserving nucleic acids.

Announced the release of a new viral transport solution for safe ambient temperature storage and transport of infectious biological specimens prior to molecular testing.

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