Zymo Collection Swab

C1052-50 / C1053-50

Zymo Collection Swab

Cat # Name Size Price Quantity
C1052-50 Zymo Collection Swab, 20mm break point 50Pack $54.00
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C1053-50 Zymo Collection Swab, 80mm break point 50Pack $54.00
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Zymo Collection Swab, 20mm break point


  • For use in a variety of environments such as medical, forensics, genetics, microbiology, diagnostics & specimen collection.
  • Available with or without sample transportation reagent, DNA/RNA Shield. Shield Collection Tube w/ Swab
  • Popular for sample collection in the field.

The Zymo Collection Swab allows the collection of samples from the mouth, nose, and throat. Samples can also be collected where a swab may be deemed appropriate per application