ZymoBIOMICS PCR PreMix (Discontinued)

E2056 / E2057

ZymoBIOMICS PCR PreMix (Discontinued)

Cat # Name Size Price Quantity
E2056 ZymoBIOMICS PCR PreMix (Discontinued) 50 rxns discontinued
E2057 ZymoBIOMICS PCR PreMix (Discontinued) 200 rxns discontinued



  • DNA-Free: Certified low bioburden.
  • High Sensitivity: Robust amplification and detection of low copy DNA.
  • Simple Setup: Add water, DNA, and primers.

The ZymoBIOMICS PCR PreMix is supplied as a 2X concentrated “master mix" and contains all the reagents needed to perform PCR and other molecular downstream analysis with the addition of probes or fluorescent dyes. It features a hot-start DNA polymerase and is validated low bioburden in regards to bacterial contamination. Simple and easy to use, just add water, primers, and template DNA to the ZymoBIOMICS PCR PreMix and then heat at 95°C for 10 minutes to initiate polymerization. ZymoBIOMICS DNA polymerase is a heat-activated, “hotstart” polymerase that has 3’-terminal transferase activity. The addition of “A” overhangs to amplified DNA makes it ideal for use in TA-cloning.

Cat # Name Size Price
D4302-5-1 ZymoBIOMICS DNase/RNase Free Water 1 ml $11.00