ZR DNA Sequencing Clean-up Kit™

Complete elimination of "Dye Blobs" for high quality Phred scores and long read lengths.
Flexible 6-20 µl elution volumes allow for direct loading of samples with no precipitation or drying steps.

Product Size Catalog # Price Qty
ZR DNA Sequencing Clean-up Kit™ 50 Preps D4050
ZR DNA Sequencing Clean-up Kit™ 200 Preps D4051

About ZR DNA Sequencing Clean-up Kit™

The ZR DNA Sequencing Clean-up Kit™ provides a simple method for the rapid removal of post-cycle sequencing reaction contaminants (i.e., unincorporated fluorescent dyes, residual salts, dNTPs, primers, and enzymes) from DNA extension products. These contaminants can often interfere with the quality and signal strength of sequencing data. In particular, unincorporated dyes can result in dye peaks ("dye blobs") which may obscure portions of the sequencing chromatogram and interfere with base-calling accuracy of sequencing analysis software. DNA is eluted with a small volume of water or loading dye containing formamide. The entire DNA purification procedure typically takes about 2 minutes.

Format Spin Column
Processing Time 2 min
Equipment Microcentrifuge
Sample Sources Dye terminator sequencing reactions: Big Dye Terminator and other fluorescent based sequencing reactions.
DNA Purity High quality, sequencing-ready DNA products that are free of unincorporated dye terminators, dNTPs, enzymes, and residual salts.

Sequencing chromatogram of pGEM® DNA generated using an ABI 3730xl DNA analyzer. DNA was labeled with ABI BigDye v3.1 Terminators and cleaned using the ZR DNA Sequencing Clean-up Kit™.
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