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ISO 9001 Celebrating 20 Years

Celebrating 20 years of providing reliable quality technologies for DNA & RNA Purification and Epigenetics Research



Recently, the field of epigenetics has grown into one of the most exciting and dynamic fields of biological research, and Zymo Research has grown with it, branding ourselves The Epigenetics Company.   Learn More...



The fidelity of the method used for the isolation purification of DNA from biological samples or from reaction mixtures is critically important when considering the success of downstream molecular applications.   Learn More...



Innovative technologies for a broad range RNA isolation and stabilization that are simple and straightforward; Unique technologies circumvent problems that arise from difficult sample sources.   Learn More...

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Femto Human, Bacterial, and Fungal DNA Quantification Kits

Provides highly specific detection and quantification of human, bacterial, or fungal DNA from mixed samples using real-time quantitative PCR.

Genomic DNA Clean & Concentrator Kits

Ideal for the clean-up of large sized DNA for molecular downstream applications.

Human WGA Methylated & Non-methylated DNA Set

Ideal for use as a control for many methylation detection applications.
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