DNA completely methylated at CpG dinucleotides by CpG Methylase.
Compatible with the EZ DNA Methylation™ family of products and other bisulfite conversion protocols.
Each standard is provided with primer set to amplify a fragment of DNA after bisulfite conversion.

Product Size Catalog # Price Qty
Bisulfite-Converted Universal Methylated Human DNA Standard 50 Rxns. D5015

About Bisulfite-Converted Universal Methylated Human DNA Standard

The Bisulfite-converted Universal Methylated Human DNA Standard is designed for use as a control for bisulfite mediated conversion of DNA and especially the downstream analyses including PCR, MSP, and other amplification based assays. This DNA is identical to our Universal Methylated Human DNA Standard, but has been bisulfite-converted using Zymo Research's advanced conversion technologies. This product is provided as 20 ng/µl solution, enough for 50 reactions. The primer set included with the standard has been designed and validated to amplify a segment of the bisulfite-converted DNA.

Format Bisulfited-converted Male Genomic DNA
Concentration 20 ng/µl

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