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ZR Soil/Fecal RNA MicroPrep™

Quick, 10 minute isolation of total RNA (~10 µg) from various soil and fecal samples using ultra-high density BashingBeads™ and Zymo-Spin™ column technologies.
High-quality RNA eluted in ≥6 µl is ready for reverse transcription, microarray, sequencing, etc.

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ZR Soil/Fecal RNA MicroPrep™ 50 Preps. R2040

About ZR Soil/Fecal RNA MicroPrep™

The ZR Soil/Fecal RNA MicroPrep™ is an innovative product designed for the simple, reliable, and rapid isolation of total RNA including small RNAs (>17 nt) from various soil, sludge, sediment and/or fecal samples.  The procedure successfully isolates RNA from tough-to-lyse bacteria, fungi, protozoa (protist), algae, etc. in soil, and host RNA from fecal samples. 

Samples are added to the ZR BashingBead™ Lysis Tube with an optimally designed S/F RNA Lysis Buffer where microbes are then lysed by bead beating to extract total RNA.  The Zymo-Spin column technology allows for quick filtration, genomic DNA removal from sample lysates, and isolation of the RNA.  Zymo-Spin™ IV-HRC Spin Filter separates RT-PCR inhibitors (e.g., humic acids, polyphenols, tannins) and the total RNA is concentrated using the Zymo-Spin™ IC Column with a minimum elution volume of ≥6 µl.  

The result is highly-concentrated, purified RNA that is a suitable for subsequent RNA-based methods including RT-PCR, hybridization, etc.

Format Bead beating, spin column.
Equipment Microcentrifuge, vortex, cell disrupter/pulverizer (optional).
Sample Sources Bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and algae in soil, sludge or sediments, and bacteria, protist and/or host RNA from feces (mammalian, avian, etc.).
RNA Purity High quality RNA (A260/A280 >1.8, A260/A230 >1.8) suitable for all downstream RNA-based manipulations.
RNA Recovery Up to 10 µg RNA can be eluted into ≥6 µl RNase-free water allowing for a highly concentrated sample.
Sample Size ≤250 mg
RNA Storage RNA is eluted with RNase-free water and can be stored at ≤-70 ºC. The addition of RNase inhibitors is highly recommended for prolonged storage.

Total RNA isolation of Arthrobacter sp. from 250 mg sludge using the ZR Soil/Fecal RNA MicroPrep™ in duplicate. ZR 1 kb DNA ladder, Zymo Research, Cat. No. M5006-50.

PCR amplification of Arthrobacter sp. rRNA transcript (361 bp fragment shown) in duplicate: ZR 100 bp DNA ladder, Zymo Research, Cat. No. M5005-50. PCR controls: Negative control - Total RNA isolation from Arthrobacter sp. in 250 mg sludge in duplicate (above). Positive control - Arthrobacter sp. genomic DNA. Negative control - Water.

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For specific notes and additional information, please see the product protocol PDF.
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