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ZR Viral RNA Kit™

Quick, 5-minute recovery of viral RNA from plasma, serum and other samples.
Omits the use of organic denaturants and proteases.
High-quality RNA is eluted in ≥6 μl and ready for RT-PCR and other downstream analyses.

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ZR Viral RNA Kit™ 50 Preps. R1034
ZR Viral RNA Kit™ 200 Preps. R1035

About ZR Viral RNA Kit™

The ZR Viral RNA Kit™provides for rapid isolation of high-quality viral RNA from a wide range of biological sources. It can be used to successfully isolate viral RNA from cell-free body fluids as well as cellular suspensions at concentrations ≤1x105cells/ml. The kit has been rigorously tested and used to isolate viral RNA from samples containing enteroviruses, rhinoviruses, coronaviruses, HIV, HCV, influenza A virus, flaviviruses, measles virus, parainfluenza virus and parvovirus (a ssDNA virus). 

The ZR Viral RNA Kit™employs a single buffer system that facilitates viral particle lysis and allows for RNA adsorption onto the matrix of the Zymo-Spin™Column. The RNA is washed then eluted with DNase/RNase-Free Water. The eluted RNA is suitable for use in various subsequent procedures including RT-PCR. 

The entire RNA isolation procedure typically takes about 5 minutes.

Equipment Microcentrifuge
Sample Sources Plasma, serum, culture supernatants, animal cells and tissue.
RNA Purity High-quality RNA suitable for reverse transcription, etc.
RNA Recovery Up to 10 μg RNA can be eluted into as little as 6 μl RNase-free water allowing for a highly concentrated sample.
Sample Size ≤200 µl

RT-PCR amplification of enterovirus cDNA. Human serum was spiked with different amounts of infectious enterovirus, then viral RNA was extracted using the ZR Viral RNA Kit™. The eluted RNA was used for one-tube RT-PCR amplification of a 230 bp amplicon. M is a 100 bp DNA Marker (Zymo Research)

Viral RNA was isolated from liquid samples using the ZR Viral RNA Kit™. Isolated viral RNA was reverse transcribed/amplified using a coupled RT-real-time PCR system (Zymo Research). Ct values for measles and influenza type A (FluA) were 23.05 (diamonds), 24.56 (triangles), respectively.

Step 1

Add 3 volumes Viral RNA Buffer to each plasma or serum sample and mix. 

Example: Mix 300 µl buffer and 100 µl sample. 

Step 2

Transfer the sample to the Zymo-Spin™ IC Column in a Collection Tube and centrifuge for 1-2 minutes. Discard the flow-through. 

Step 3

Add 500 µl Viral Wash Buffer to the column and centrifuge for 2 minutes. Then carefully transfer the column into the DNase/RNase-Free Tube.

Step 4

Add 15 µl DNase/RNase-Free Water directly to the column matrix and centrifuge for 30 seconds. 

Alternatively, for highly concentrated RNA use ≥6 μl elution. 

For specific notes and additional information, please see the product protocol PDF.
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“The ZR-96 viral RNA kit performed much better than the RNeasy 96 kit for extracting RNA from dilute samples of virus supernatant. The kit is designed for small-volume elution to automatically concentrate the sample, and it’s designed for viral supernatants rather than cell lysates, so we didn’t need to deal with optimizing added carrier RNA. So in all, it was simpler, easier, and gave us a 10-fold improvement in our limit of detection.”
S.B., Boehringer Ingelheim, Canada
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