DNA/RNA Shield™

Preserves genetic integrity and expression profiles of samples (cells, tissues, blood, plasma, serum, saliva, urine, feces etc.) at ambient temperatures.
DNA and RNA can be isolated directly without precipitation or reagent removal (compatible with most DNA and RNA purification kits).
Inactivates infectious agents (virus).

Product Size Catalog # Price Qty
DNA/RNA Shield™ 50 ml R1100-50
DNA/RNA Shield™ 250 ml R1100-250
DNA/RNA Shield™ (2X concentrate) 25 ml R1200-25
DNA/RNA Shield™ (2X concentrate) 125 ml R1200-125

About DNA/RNA Shield™

Compatible Purification kits

Application or Sample Type




Purification from Blood Samples

Quick-DNA™ (Plus)

Quick-RNA™ Whole Blood


Biological Fluids, Cells, soft tissue, easy to lyse samples

Quick-DNA™ (Plus)

Quick-RNA™ (Plus)

ZR-Duet™ DNA/RNA (Plus)

Microbiomics (All Sample Sources including feces, soil. Water, etc.)




Viral Samples

Quick-DNA™ Viral

Quick-RNA™ Viral


Purification from Fecal/Soil Samples

ZR Fecal DNA

Quick-RNA™ Plus


Insect Samples

Quick-DNA™ Tissue/Insect

ZR Tissue & Insect RNA


DNA/RNA Shield™ ensures nucleic acid stability during sample storage/transport at ambient temperatures. There is no need for refrigeration or specialized equipment. DNA/RNA Shield™ effectively lyses cells and inactivates nucleases and infectious agents (virus), and it is compatible with various collection and storage devices (vacutainers, swabs, nasal, buccal, fecal etc.).

DNA/RNA Shield™ Recommended
R1100-50, R1100-250 Cells, Tissue, Swabs, Stool etc.
Samples should not exceed 10% (v/v).
2X concentrate
Blood, cells in suspension and biological liquids
Mix an equal volume reagent and sample.

RNA Stabilization

Nucleic Acid Purification

Cellular RNA is effectively stabilized in DNA/RNA Shield™ at ambient temperature. RNA was purified from cells (HCT 116) stored in DNA/RNA Shield™ at the designated times (days).
High quality DNA and RNA is efficiently purified from blood stored in DNA/RNA Shield™ using the Quick-gDNA™ and Quick-RNA™ Kits from Zymo Research, respectively. High molecular weight DNA was intact with no apparent degradation. Also, RNA was high quality, DNA-free, and included small RNAs when purified from DNA/RNA Shield™. This was not the case using another reagent/kit from Supplier B.

Virus Inactivation

Influenza virus is effectively inactivated by DNA/RNA Shield™. Influenza A virus was treated with four volumes of DNA/RNA Shield™ or mock treated for 5 minutes. Titer was subsequently determined by plaque assay. (D. Poole and A. Mehle, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Ebola virus is effectively inactivated by DNA/RNA Shield™.  Ebola virus (Kikwit) was treated with two volumes of DNA/RNA Shield™ or PBS for 5 minutes at ambient temperature.  Titer was subsequently determined by plaque assay.  (L. Avena and A. Griffiths, Texas Biomedical Research Institute)

Herpes Simplex Virus is effectively inactivated by DNA/RNA Shield™. HSV-1 (dark gray) & HSV-2 (light gray) inactivation following a 5 minute incubation in the DNA/RNA Shield™. (H. Oh, F. Diaz and D. Knipe; Harvard Medical School)

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