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Bisulfite Primer Seeker 12S

This program reflects Zymo Research's simplification of the tedious process of bisulfite primer design after over a decade of experience in bisulfite conversion technology and many hundreds of primers designed. It is a superior program because not only can it design primers in particularly CG-rich sequence where others usually fail, but it will give multiple options for amplicons that span different regions within the sequence (where other programs tend to center in on one area). Bisulfite primers should always be optimized using an annealing temperature gradient and doing so should result in a very high success rate using this program. Please let us know what you think so that we can improve the tool accordingly.


* Primer Length From To
* Product Length From To
* Tm From To
Allow 1 CpG in the first 1/3 of primer
Job Name:

Line #
BS Conversion
Reverse Complementary

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