Addressing Leakage and Cross‑Contamination in 96‑Well Lysis Racks for Microbial Lysis

Are you navigating the complexities of high‑throughput sample processing? Discover which commercially available 96‑well lysis racks stand up to the challenge of low and high-speed mechanical homogenizers and which 96‑well lysis racks display leakage and cross‑contamination. Gain access to a comprehensive comparison of seven distinct 96‑well lysis racks, meticulously tested on two industry‑leading large‑scale mechanical homogenizers: the Benchmark BeadBlaster™ 96 Ball Mill Homogenizer and the BioSpec Mini‑BeadBeater‑96.

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    What’s Inside?

  • Pre‑ and Post‑Lysis Insights: Explore detailed before‑and‑after imagery capturing the integrity of each commercially available 96‑well lysis rack pre‑ and post‑lysis.
  • Visual Evidence of Contamination: Post‑lysis images spotlight instances of colored cross‑contamination visible to the naked eye, providing clear evidence of performance differences.
  • Digital Enhancements: For an even clearer understanding, we've transformed post‑lysis images into digital renditions, offering a striking visual aid to better illustrate each rack's resistance to cross-contamination.

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