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    News and Press Releases

    Zymo Research Launches the Omics Discovery Grant to Advance RNA-Seq Research

    Apply for Zymo Research's Omics Discovery Grant for cutting-edge RNA-Seq tools worth $4000.

    Zymo Research Launches Oral Microbiome Standard

    Learn more about how the ZymoBIOMICS Oral Microbiome Standard optimizes oral microbiome profiling with precision.

    New Duplex-Specific Nuclease (DSN): Most Selective dsDNase

    PureRec DSN demonstrates the highest purity and selectivity for duplex DNA while preserving ssDNA and RNA.

    Visit Zymo Research at ASM Microbe 2024 in Atlanta! (Booth #1033)

    Join Zymo Research at the ASM Microbe Conference 2024 in Atlanta and explore in-booth talks and scientist Q&As for our microbiome products and services.

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    About Us

    "The Beauty of Science is to Make Things Simple"
    Larry Jia, Founder/CEO
    Over 30 years of discovery & innovation

    From its humble beginnings in an Orange, California garage to becoming a global biotech leader, Zymo Research has always been driven by a vision to positively impact biomedical science and humanity. Since 1994, this vision has shaped the company's growth, culture, and innovative biomedical tools and services. Today, Zymo Research is a key player in epigenetics, microbiomics, and Next-Gen Sequencing, with international facilities and a global network supporting groundbreaking research. At its core, Zymo believes in simplifying science's beauty.

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