Graphic showing basic functionality of Direct-zol RNA Purification Kits

Direct-zol RNA Purification Kits

RNA from TRIzol® in 7 Minutes

The Direct-zol RNA kits provide a streamlined method for the purification of high-quality RNA directly from samples in TRI Reagent® or similar.

The procedure is easy. Simply apply a prepared sample in TRI Reagent® directly to the Zymo-Spin Column and then bind, wash, and elute the RNA. No phase separation, precipitation, or post-purification steps are necessary.

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Image of Direct-zol RNA Kit with a SelectScience Gold Seal of Quality

No Chloroform. No Precipitation. No Phase Separation!

Direct-zol: 7 minutes

pipette dropper filling column with pink liquid

Conventional Method: 90+ minutes

column tube with liquid inside

Higher RNA Yields

Bar Graph chart showing higher RNA yields from cells using Direct-zol compared to the conventional method. Bar Graph chart showing higher RNA yields from liver tissue using Direct-zol compared to the conventional method.

Direct-zol RNA kits recover ~4-fold more miRNAs(< 40 nt) than conventional methods.

Workflow and Compatibilities

Image showing the workflow and compatibilities of Direct-Zol
Image showing the compatible input sample types, including plants, virus, bacteria, cells, and nasal swabs. Image showing RNA being dispensed from a column filled with pink liquid. Image showing the downstream applications of Direct-Zol, including Reverse Transcriptase PCR (RT-PCR) and Next-Gen Sequencing(NGS)

The Only Automated Solution for TRIzol® Samples

High Quality, NGS-Ready RNA
Image showing the amount of high quality, NGS ready RNA can be obtained from Trizol Samples

The Direct-zol-96 MagBead RNA method eliminates traditional chloroform, phase separation, and preciptiation steps, enabling a fully automatable TRIzol® extraction. Just add ethanol to any TRIzol® sample, bind to magnetic beads, wash, and elute NGS-ready RNA.

Which Direct-zol RNA Kit is Right for You?

Direct-zol Miniprep Plus product image Direct-zol
Miniprep Plus
Direct-zol Miniprep product image Direct-zol Miniprep Direct-zol Microprep product image Direct-zol Microprep Direct-zol-96 RNA product image Direct-zol-96
Direct-zol-96 MagBead RNA product image Direct-zol-96 MagBead RNA
Binding Capacity 100 µg 50 µg 10 µg 10 µg 10 µg
Minimum Elution 50 µl 25 µl 6 µl 10 µl 50 µl
(Animal) Cells ≤ 107 ≤ 5 x 106 ≤ 106 ≤ 106 ≤ 106
Tissue ≤ 50 mg ≤ 25 mg ≤ 5 mg ≤ 5 mg ≤ 5 mg

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