A New Era of Effortless Cloning

E. coli is the most extensively studied model organism in molecular biology. Despite their widespread use in laboratories across the world for applications such as cloning and protein expression, protocols for manipulating and studying E. coli tend to be long and tedious. With speed and simplicity as the driving principles, we embarked on a mission to create a new and improved molecular cloning system.

Our novel chemical shock technology eliminates heat shock and outgrowth procedures, cutting down hours of processing time. Today, our Mix & Go! chemical shock method is available in five pre-made E. coli strains and can be applied to nearly any other lab strain, with high transformation efficiencies of up to 109 transformants/µg plasmid DNA. For cloning beginners and veterans alike, Mix & Go! offers a welcome relief from the hassles of traditional bacterial transformation.

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Save 15% on Competent Cells and Enjoy 20 Second Transformations

For a limited time, get 15% off Mix & Go! Competent Cells and Transformation Kits. Accelerate your bacterial transformations with technology that eliminates heat shock, incubations, and outgrowth procedures.


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