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Epigenetics Made Simple – Just send us your samples, and we will return the genome-wide analyses as customizable publication-ready graphs and figures!

Zymo Research makes genome-wide epigenetic analyses available to every researcher with its comprehensive repertoire of services. All Next-Gen epigenetic sequencing services feature state-of-the-art sample prep technologies and workflows, cutting-edge bioinformatics, and are offered at competitive pricing. With our services, you don't have to be a bioinformatics guru; instead, our bioinformatics specialists will send you the data as a comprehensive report that is publication-ready and can be customized to fit your needs. Since we develop most of the technologies used for our services, our scientists and bioinformatics specialists are always available to answer your questions and assist you every step of the way.

Following the publication of the sequence of the human genome in 2001, and more recently the ENCODE Project in 2012, it has become clear that genes and chromatin are far more complicated than previously appreciated. DNA once believed to be "junk" has been found to code for specific non-coding transcripts and to contain important regulatory elements. It is now apparent that investigating one or a few genes, or only performing one type of analysis, is no longer sufficient to answer the questions currently posed by researchers in the fields of molecular biology, genetics, and systems biology. The genome-wide services offered by Zymo Research can be combined, allowing you to analyze DNA methylation and histone methylation, for example, giving you the opportunity to "Catch More" data from each sample.

The scientists at Zymo Research have been developing industry leading epigenetic technologies and workflows for over a decade, and they remain committed to pioneering new research tools and services to meet the future challenges of the rapidly growing field of epigenetics.

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Genome-Wide DNA Methylation Analysis

Zymo Research's Epigenetic Services offer three platforms for single nucleotide resolution DNA methylation (5-mC) analysis in any species for which there is a reference genome.

  • Methyl-MiniSeq® platform covers ~10% of the methylome
  • Methyl-MidiSeq® covers ~30% of the methylome
  • Methyl-MaxiSeq® platform profiles the entire methylome
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Targeted Sequencing for DNA Methylation Analysis

Accurate, cost-effective targeted sequencing for DNA methylation analysis at single and multiple loci using a new multiplex PCR strategy in combination with Next-Gen Sequencing.

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ChIP-Seq Services

Fully customizable services for chromatin immunoprecipitation assays followed by next-gen sequencing (ChIP-Seq) allow researchers to study histone modifications and protein-DNA interactions on a genome-wide scale.

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Microbiomics Taxonomic Profiling and Microbiome Shotgun Sequencing services from Zymo Research can accurately determine the identity and abundance of micro-organisms from DNA isolated from feces, soil, saliva, etc. All services provide validated, non-biased analysis and offer a total solution to any microbiomics or metagenomics studies.

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Zymo Environ COVID-19 Wastewater Testing Service

Track new viral variants & vaccine resistance with a single sample, without the costs and resources needed for individual COVID-19 testing.

Epigentic Aging Clock

Epigenetic Aging Clock

The Epigenetic Aging Clock allows you to effectively gauge the biological age of any human tissue sample. Starting with DNA purification all the way through bioinformatics analysis, Zymo scientists will do the work for you and provide you with an accurate biological age estimate along with a comprehensive report.

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