Webinar: Standardizing Microbiomics

The rapid growth of Microbiomics has increased the demand for standard methods to improve the reproducibility and quality of the data being generated. Learn about the growing need for standard methods to improve data analysis within microbiomics workflows.

Webinar: Interactions Between the Mycobiome and Bacteriome Impact Health and Disease

Learn about networks of exchanging antibiotics resistance across human commensal, environmental, and pathogenic bacteria.

Webinar: Metagenomics and Base Modifications from Long, Short, and Linked Reads

Infectious disease surveillance and monitoring is critical in settings where disease outbreaks and antibiotic resistance can dramatically impact human health. This webinar will demonstrate cross-kingdom species detection by simultaneously sequencing DNA from 8 bacteria and 2 fungi in the ZymoBIOMICS Microbial Community Standards.

ZymoBIOMICS Workflow

Optimize your metagenomic and microbiomic workflows with the ZymoBIOMICS suite of products and services. The ZymoBIOMICS portfolio offers a complete solution from sample collection to analysis.


Worldwide Business Interview: Epigenetics and Aging

Watch as CEO and founder, Dr. Larry Jia, MD of Zymo Research discusses the growing importance of Epigenetics in the process of Aging. Learn more about the DNAge test and the impact it will have on aging research and human health.

Are you Aging Faster than you Should Be?

Learn about the impact of epigenetics in the process of aging and how Zymo Research is at the forefront of the process.

Webinar: An Update on the Epigenetic Clock of Human Aging

Watch as Dr. Steve Horvath, Dr. James P. Watson, and Dr. Keith Booher explore the recent advances and discoveries surrounding the Epigenetic Aging Clock.

Is an Epigenetic Clock the Key to Asylum?

Listen to a transcript of BBC World Service Radio’s Newsday interview with Keith Booher, PhD, of Zymo Research Corporation about our DNAge test being used to determine the age of refugees seeking asylum in Europe as minors.

Webinar: Epigenetics in Human Health and Disease

Watch as Dr. Peter Jones discusses the role of DNA methylation in the cancer epigenome and how we can utilize Epigenetic therapies to improve the outcome of patients with cancer. Dr. Gabor Than will then discuss the epigenome in normal human placental functions and its dysregulation in pregnancy complications.

Webinar: Covering All the Bases with Genome-Wide 5-mC & 5-hmC Sequencing

Watch as Dr. Keith Booher discusses the current state of research on Epigenetic modifications to DNA talks about how 5-mC and 5-hmC levels can change between samples.


ZymoPURE Plasmid Purification

Discover how we have made plasmid purification simple by allowing you to purify up to 400 μg of transfection grade plasmid DNA directly from a spin column in under 20 minutes.

Zymo-Spin Column Comparison

Learn how the Zymo-Spin column technology compares to standard spin columns and provides cleaner, highly concentrated DNA that is immediately ready for any downstream application.

ZymoPURE Plasmid Technology Overview

What would you do if you could isolate plasmid DNA up to 6 times faster? Learn how to get highly concentrated plasmid DNA using ZymoPURE plasmid DNA technology in as little as 18 minutes.


Direct-zol Technology Overview

Discover how to isolate RNA directly from samples in TRIzol in as little as 8 minutes. We make RNA purification from TRIzol® simple by bypassing traditional phase separation procedures and loading TRIzol® directly onto a Zymo-Spin column.

Get it Direct. RNA from TRIzol® in 8 Minutes.

RNA from TRIzol® in 8 minutes. No phase separation or precipitation. Don’t believe us? Just watch how simple it can be.


Who We Are

Since 1994, Zymo Research has been a leader in purification technologies, epigenetics and microbiome analyses. From scientist, to scientist our ultimate mission is to make since simple and to have a positive impact on humanity.

Our Core Values

Zymo Research core values center around customers, innovation and quality products and services. Learn more about who we are and our values as a company.


ZymoBIOMICS DNA Miniprep Kit Protocol

Watch as we demonstrate how simple the ZymoBIOMICS DNA Miniprep kit protocol makes it to purify DNA from a variety of sample inputs making it easy to go immediately into microbiome or metagenome analyses.

DNA Clean & Concentrator Kits Protocol

Watch as we demonstrate how simple the DNA Clean & Concentrator kit protocol makes it to clean-up and concentrate DNA from PCR or other enzymatic reactions in as little as two minutes.

RNA Clean & Concentrator Kit Protocol

Watch a 5-minute simple Direct-zol RNA Purification kit protocol for cleaning and concentrating RNA to be used in any subsequent analyses including NGS.