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Discover our thoroughly optimized and easy-to-use RNA Analysis Kits that are ideal for cDNA synthesis and RT-qPCR. Gene expression studies and diagnostic applications are made simple with Zymo Research’s RNA Analysis Kits. RNA-seq library prep kits contain all necessary reagents for Next-Gen Sequencing (NGS) library preparation.

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Zymo Research's RNA analysis kits are optimized for cDNA synthesis and RT-qPCR. RNA-sequencing (RNA-seq) is a high throughput Next-Gen Sequencing method that provides qualitative and quantitative information about RNA species in a sample. The RNA analysis kits have a wide range of applications, mainly useful for gene expression studies and diagnostic applications. Users can achieve fast, accurate sequencing with Zymo Research's RNA analysis kits.


RNA-seq is a technique that examines the quantity and sequences of RNA in a sample using high-throughput sequencing methods. The integrity and purity of the input RNA play a critical role in the reliability of the sequencing data. Degraded RNA can bias measurements of gene expression, provide uneven gene coverage, and prevent differentiation between alternatively spliced transcripts.

Prior to RNA-seq, the best technology for detecting gene expression was microarrays. RNA-seq is a more versatile and robust technology that is not limited to known genomic sequences. RNA analysis kits can help determine novel transcripts, alternative splice variants, single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), insertions or deletions, and other RNA variations.

RNA-seq has considerably progressed in recent years. Utilizing RNA analysis kits has become a popular technique for transcriptome profiling. Recent developments in the RNA-seq workflow have enabled researchers to provide higher coverage and greater insights into the transcriptome of a cell. The development of RNA-seq technology has facilitated and expanded the understanding of transcriptomics and provided additional insights into disease research and profiling.


RNA sequencing kits can determine RNA expression levels more accurately than microarrays because they use absolute quantification, allowing comparisons between experiments. Microarrays, on the other hand, use relative quantification, making comparisons between experiments impossible. The field of RNA analysis is growing rapidly as high-throughput sample processing technologies become more accessible. RNA-seq is expanding the knowledge of cellular processes, and as the technology improves, it will allow for even further insights.

There are a wide variety of RNA analysis kits available for different applications. The applications include differential gene expression analysis, novel gene identification, and splice variant analysis. Zymo Research accommodates a variety of applications by offering RNA analysis kits for both RNA-seq and RT-PCR applications.


Zymo Research offers RNA analysis kits to preserve and verify the quality of input RNA for more robust RNA-Seq libraries. The product line consists of RNA-Seq kits, RT-PCR kits, ladders, and enzymes.

The difference between RNA-seq and RT-PCR kits is their intended use. RT-PCR kits are designed for cDNA synthesis and RT-qPCR are ideal for gene expression studies and diagnostic applications. These kits include high-quality reagents for efficient cDNA synthesis and robust qPCR amplification that can simplify and improve RT-qPCR workflow. The ZymoScript™ RT PreMix kit enables robust cDNA synthesis in less than 15 minutes. The ZymoScript™ One-Step RT-qPCR kit analyzes RNA transcripts with superior sensitivity and is compatible with both SYBR-Green and TaqMan assays.

On the other hand, RNA-seq kits are intended for Next-Gen Sequencing library preparation. The kits contain all reagents necessary for library preparation, and the high-quality RNA-Seq libraries are ideal for reliable sequencing data. The kits feature simple and streamlined workflows. Zymo-Seq RNA library kits provide great tools to generate total RNA libraries, 3′ mRNA libraries, and microRNA/ small RNA libraries. The Zymo-Seq RiboFree® Total RNA Library Kit is highlighted, as it is the easiest total RNA-Seq library kit available. The kit is compatible with any organism and prepares stranded, RiboFree® libraries from total RNA in 3.5 hours.

Zymo Research also offers innovative ladders and enzymes as a complement to the RNA analysis kits. These products are quick and easy to use and are compatible with all of the RNA analysis kits. Restriction enzymes are an extremely helpful tool in several research applications. Many applications require the use of specialized enzymes for successful downstream analysis.

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