Quick-DNA/RNA Kits

The Quick-DNA/RNA kits provide a quick method for the isolation of high quality genomic DNA and total RNA from cells, tissue, blood, biological fluids, etc. These kits isolate both genomic DNA and a broad range of RNA species without the use of phenol. Small RNAs and microRNAs ≥17 nt are also recovered – no extra steps required!

Comparison Table

Catalog #ProductSample CompatibilityBinding CapacityElution VolumeInput
D7005Quick-DNA/RNA Microprep PlusCells (1 - 106), biopsies, LCM, blood10 µg≥6 µl≤ 1 x 106 Cells
≤5 mg Tissue
D7001Quick-DNA/RNA MiniprepCells & soft tissues25 µg≥25 µl≤ 5 x 106 Cells
≤25 mg Tissue
D7003/D7003TQuick-DNA/RNA Miniprep PlusCells, any tissues, blood, biological fluids100 µg≥50 µl≤1x107 Cells
≤50 mg Tissue
R2130/R2131Quick-DNA/RNA MagBeadCells, any tissues, blood, biological fluids20 µg≥50 µlScalable

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