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    DNA/RNA Shield Fecal Collection Kit


    DNA/RNA Shield Fecal Collection Kit

    Cat # Name Size Price Quantity
    R1180 DNA/RNA Shield Fecal Collection Kit 1 kit $14.50
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    • Preservation of samples with DNA/RNA Shield
    • Complete solution that is conveniently pouched
    • Designed for at-home sample collection

    The Individual Fecal Collection Kit is a conveniently pouched kit that includes all the components needed for collecting and stabilizing fecal samples. This kit includes a Fecal Collection Tube, a Feces Catcher, a Biohazard Bag, Gloves, and multi-language instructions. Featuring DNA/RNA Shield technology, samples collected with the Fecal Collection Tube are accurately and safely preserved for downstream analysis.

    Device Specs Individually pouched Kit that includes a Fecal Collection Tube (R1101), Feces Catcher (R1101-1-10), Biohazard Bag (P3000-1-10), Gloves, and Multi-language Instructions.
    Sample Collection 1g or 1mL stool sample
    Sample Source Stool
    Sample Storage
    • RNA: Ambient temperature (4°C-25°C) > 1 month
    • DNA: Ambient temperature (4°C-25°C) > 2 years
    • DNA & RNA: Frozen (< -20°C): Indefinitely 

    The Individual Fecal Kit is packaged in a pouch format that includes all the components of the kit as well as instructions printed on the outside of the pouch.

    Yes! Please reach out to for any questions on customizability of the product.

    Yes, the Fecal Collection Tube (R1101), Feces Catcher (R1101-1-10), and Biohazard Bag (P3000-1-10) are all available for individual purchase.

    Cat # Name Size Price
    R1101 DNA/RNA Shield-Fecal Collection Tube 10 pack $90.00
    R1101-1-10 Feces Catcher 10 pack $5.00
    P3000-1-10 Biohazard Bag (3” x 5”) with Absorbent Pad (2” x 3”) 10 bags $5.00