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Announcing, Zymo Research's Molecular Wildlife & Ecology Grant Recipients

How are advances in molecular biology transforming the field of wildlife research and conservation? With access to new tools and technologies, researchers are answering the most puzzling and pressing wildlife dilemmas; from the scarce population of Gobi Bears in Southern Mongolia to the vanishing coral reefs of Manoa in Hawai’i.

Sustainability is at the heart of wildlife conservation, ensuring that the beauty and diversity of nature is preserved in tandem with the growing Human Footprint. Conservation efforts help maintain the ecosystem balance by preserving earth’s biodiversity and ensuring the long-term survival of all living organisms. 

Zymo Research recognizes the value of biodiversity and recently launched its first ever Molecular Wildlife & Ecology Grant to support the accessibility of molecular methods in wildlife management. By bridging the gap between traditional ecological studies and molecular techniques, Zymo Research aims to raise awareness about the indispensable role of molecular methods in wildlife management and the incredible researchers behind it all.

“It's truly remarkable to see how our products are being used in wildlife biology, especially DNA/RNA Shield. It has been a real game-changer for those working in remote locations, as it can preserve samples in some of the most extreme climates,” said Dr. Stanislav Forman, PhD, Director of Sample Prep at Zymo Research.

Funding and support for the wildlife research community is pivotal for progressing conservation efforts. The magnitude of grant applicants reflects the overwhelming demand for resources in this field. Stay tuned as we will be sharing updates on their research journeys!

Wildlife conservation is vital for the health of ecosystems, the well-being of humans, and the planet’s sustainability. In addition to the grant award, technical expertise from Zymo Research's scientists enable passionate wildlife conservationists to progress discovery.

Congratulations to all the 2023 Molecular Wildlife & Ecology Grant Recipients on their well-deserved recognition for outstanding contributions to the field of molecular wildlife and ecology research. Zymo Research commends the hard work, perseverance, and passion of all those working to preserve and protect biodiversity and looks forward to seeing the remarkable impact their research has in the years to come.

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